Airbrush Sandblasting: A Comprehensive Guide

sand blast air brush

Sandblast airbrushes are a versatile tool with a variety of applications. They can be used for cleaning, etching, removing surface material, de-rusting, engraving, matt finishing, and cleaning surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. Sandblast airbrushes are ideal for creating an endless variety of effects in glass etching and can also be used to prep wood, plastic, and metal surfaces before spraying. They can also be used to remove paint and rust from small objects, as well as for etching glass and stone. Sandblast airbrushes are suitable for hobbyists and small-scale applications and require a constant air supply of between 50-60 psi to work effectively.

Characteristics Values
Purpose De-rusting, engraving, etching, matt finishing, cleaning surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, removing paint and rust from small objects, stripping paint, removing rust, erasing colour errors, weathering models and rail-cars, antiquing furniture, cutting monograms, cleaning jewelry and fine parts
Spray etch pattern From pencil line up to 1/4”
Abrasive media Up to 240 grit
Air supply Constant supply of between 50-60 psi
Price £53.99


Sandblasting kits for removing rust, paint, dirt, etc

Sandblasting is a highly effective method for removing rust, paint, dirt, and other unwanted substances from surfaces. It is the most widely used surface preparation technique for steel surfaces. Sandblasting works by breaking down the rust on metal surfaces and can expose any damage or areas of concern. It is also used to create an anchor pattern for the primer.

There are various sandblasting kits available that can be used for removing rust, paint, and dirt. These kits typically include a sandblasting gun, a grit container, a tube of fine grit, and a collection bag for recycled grit. Some kits also include gloves and safety instructions. When purchasing a sandblasting kit, it is important to consider the type of abrasive media that is suitable for the job.

Abrasive media can be categorized into two types: dry-media blasting and wet/dry blasting. Dry-media blasting uses materials such as sugar sand, corn cob, walnut shells, and sodium bicarbonate. These abrasives are ideal for light-duty blasting, cleaning, and stripping coatings while maintaining a smooth finish on delicate surfaces. Wet/dry blasting abrasives include steel grit, steel shot, aluminum oxide, glass beads, and crushed glass blast media. These abrasives are suitable for more aggressive cleaning and stripping of rust, paint, and other contaminants from metal surfaces.

It is important to note that sandblasting can be messy and potentially dangerous if not done properly. Non-professionals should wear safety goggles, heavy-duty gloves, and a respirator to protect themselves from flying particles and dust. Additionally, it is crucial to prepare the work area by removing objects that could be damaged and taping off areas to minimize the spread of sand.

Sandblasting is a versatile and effective method for removing rust, paint, and dirt from various surfaces. By selecting the appropriate abrasive media and taking the necessary safety precautions, individuals can successfully utilize sandblasting kits to restore and prepare surfaces for further treatment.

Hazet Sand Blaster: A Powerful Tool

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Airbrush gun kits for etching glass and wood

Airbrush gun kits are a great tool for etching glass and wood. They are versatile instruments that can be used for a variety of tasks, from erasing colour errors to etching designs on glass and wood.

The Master Airbrush Gravity Feed Air Abrasive Eraser and Etching Airbrush Kit is a great option for those looking for an airbrush gun kit. This kit includes a 1/2 oz. gravity abrasive material cup, a 0.5mm tip head, a 6" braided air hose with a mini-inline moisture filter, a jar of aluminum oxide abrasive, a dust mask, an airbrush hanger, and a how-to-airbrush guide booklet. It operates like a mini sandblaster and is perfect for applications where cleaning, etching, or removing surface material is necessary. The spray etch pattern ranges from a pencil line up to 1/4 inch, and it can use up to 240 grit abrasive media.

Another option is the Air Eraser/Etching Kit, which includes a 5 ft air hose, a 0.5 oz capacity cup, and a 0.5mm nozzle. This kit is easy to handle and operates like a small sandblaster with great accuracy.

When using an airbrush gun kit for etching glass and wood, it is important to consider the working pressure required for different surfaces. For example, when using the Master Airbrush kit on paper surfaces, a pressure of around 30 PSI is recommended, while for metal, gold castings, plastic, or glass work, a higher pressure of 45 to 65 PSI is suggested.

Additionally, when working with an airbrush gun kit, it is important to take safety precautions such as wearing protective gear like a dust mask and goggles. It is also recommended to keep the air dry to prevent clogging and to ensure that the air compressor has a moisture trap to remove impurities from the air supply.

Sand Blasting Power with TP Tools

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Airbrush accessories

Airbrush Cleaning Kits

Maintaining your airbrush is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Airbrush cleaning kits typically include various tools such as cleaning brushes, needles, holders, and pots to thoroughly clean your airbrush and prevent clogging.

Airbrush Stands and Holders

A stable and secure stand or holder for your airbrush can make your work easier and help protect your equipment. Universal airbrush stands can hold multiple airbrushes, while clamp-on holders keep your airbrush secure during use.

Airbrush Hoses and Hardware

Personalize your setup with different hoses and hardware. Look for braided nylon hoses that provide durability and flexibility. Quick disconnect sets also make it convenient to attach and detach your airbrush from the air supply.

Airbrush Bottles and Cups

Having extra bottles and cups of various sizes allows you to mix and store different paint colours and consistencies. Some bottles come with adaptor caps to fit different airbrush models.

Airbrush Compressors

A reliable compressor is essential for your sandblast airbrush setup. Look for compressors designed specifically for airbrushing, as they provide a constant air supply with the required pressure range for effective sandblasting.

Airbrush Adaptors and Connectors

Adaptors and connectors ensure compatibility between different components of your setup. For example, you might need an adaptor to connect your airbrush to a standard air compressor or to attach a different brand of the hose.

Airbrush Stencils, Tapes, and Masking Films

Stencils, tapes, and masking films help you create precise designs and patterns during sandblasting. They protect the areas you don't want to etch, ensuring clean and controlled results.

Airbrush Paint

When it comes to airbrush paint, you have a variety of options, including water-based acrylics, metallic and neon colours, opaque paints, and more. Choose colours and types of paint suitable for your specific project, whether it's art, modelling, or surface preparation.


Airbrush cleaning products and tools

Airbrushes require regular cleaning to keep them in good condition. Various cleaning products and tools are available for this purpose, including:

  • Cleaning brushes, picks, and nozzle reamers to remove paint from the air and fluid passages.
  • Airbrush lube to ensure the smooth movement of the trigger, needle, and air valve.
  • Airbrush cleaners and cleaning solutions to remove paint, watercolor, and makeup from airbrushes, brushes, and other artist tools.
  • Cleaning pots and airbrush hangers, some of which can also be used as airbrush holders.
  • Nozzle covers for back flushing.
  • Needle seal screwdrivers.
  • Replacement filters for cleaning pots.
  • Needle juice airbrush lubricant.

Some brands offering airbrush cleaning products and tools include Master Airbrush, TCP Global Brand, SAGUD, XDOVET, ABEST, Sparmax, Harder & Steenbeck, Medea, and Iwata.

Drying Sand for Sandblasting

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Airbrush stands and turntables

Airbrush Stands

Airbrush stands are available in various designs, catering to different needs and preferences. Here are some options:

  • Tabletop Stands: These stands can be placed on any flat surface, such as a table or workbench. They are usually lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Table-Edge Clamping Stands: As the name suggests, these stands clamp onto the edge of a table, providing a secure base for your airbrush. They are ideal when you need a sturdy setup without occupying too much table space.
  • Multi-Airbrush Stands: These stands are designed to hold multiple airbrushes simultaneously. They are perfect for projects requiring frequent colour changes or for collaborative work involving multiple artists.
  • Airbrush Cleaning Pot Stands: These stands combine functionality with cleanliness. They provide a designated area for airbrush cleaning, allowing you to spray excess paint and cleaner into a pot, keeping your work area tidy.

Airbrush Turntables

Airbrush turntables are essential for achieving smooth and even spray patterns on your projects. They allow you to rotate your workpiece, providing access to all sides without touching the drying surface. Here are some key considerations:

  • Size and Diameter: Turntables come in various sizes, usually ranging from 7.5 inches to 11 inches in diameter. Choose a size that best suits the scale of your projects.
  • Smooth Rotation: Look for turntables with a smooth rotation mechanism, such as those with hidden interior ball bearings. This ensures easy manoeuvrability and precise positioning during painting.
  • Stability: Ensure that your turntable has a stable base with rubber feet to prevent slipping. This is crucial for maintaining control and precision during airbrushing.
  • Versatility: Airbrush turntables can be used for a wide range of applications, including hobby spray booths, cake decorating, monitor stands, and more. Choose a versatile turntable that can adapt to different project needs.

Examples of Airbrush Stands and Turntables

  • Master Airbrush Smooth Rotating Turntable: This 7.5-inch diameter turntable offers smooth rotation and is ideal for hobby spray booths, airbrushing projects, and cake decorating.
  • Tamiya Airbrush and Spray Work Painting Stand Set: This set includes a 16cm diameter turntable with adjustable stands, making it perfect for model airbrushing and spray painting.
  • Sparmax Rotating Turntable: With a 25cm diameter, this turntable provides a larger working area and is suitable for various airbrushing applications.
  • Universal Clamp-on Airbrush Stands: These stands can be clamped onto tables or benches and are designed to hold a combination of gravity-feed, side-feed, bottom-feed, and trigger-style airbrushes.

Frequently asked questions

Sandblast airbrushes are used for a variety of tasks, including de-rusting, engraving, etching, matt finishing, cleaning surfaces, and hard-to-reach areas. They can also be used to remove paint and rust from small objects, create effects on glass, and prep wood, plastic, and metal surfaces before spraying.

Sandblast airbrushes are commonly used by hobbyists and manufacturers for various tasks such as etching designs in glass, removing rust and paint, erasing color errors, weathering models and railcars, antiquing furniture, cutting monograms, and cleaning jewelry and fine parts.

There are two main types of sandblast airbrush kits available: gravity feed and portable sandblasting kits. Gravity feed kits use a gravity abrasive material cup to supply the abrasive media, while portable sandblasting kits are lightweight and can be used with any sandblast media.

It is important to wear a face mask and respirator when using a sandblast airbrush to ensure operator safety. Additionally, sandblast airbrushes should be used with a constant air supply and operated within the recommended pressure range.

Some specific sandblast airbrush kits available include the Master Airbrush Gravity Feed Air Abrasive Eraser and Etching Airbrush Kit, the Badger Mini Sandblaster, the Paasche Air Eraser Kit, and the Handler Manufacturing 52PAB Air Brush Kit for Sandblasting with Aluminum Oxide.

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